How does smell play such an important role in bonding with your baby?

 The Unique Connection between mother and child - does it exist? 

Photo source: Pandora - Unique Connection

Photo source: Pandora – Unique Connection

I loved watching the video which has gone viral on social media. It has everyone talking about how clever the children are to find their mums, and it got me thinking about how so many couples don’t understand the importance of that skin-on-skin bonding that occurs immediately after birth, but not only that, the pre-bonding that is being created during pregnancy that brings that beautiful connection to mother, father and baby (and of course siblings as well).

Here is the video showing children being blindfolded and asked to find their mother in a line-up of women.  All the children were able to locate their mother through touch, smell and I believe their unique energy.

The Unique Connection – video created by Pandora

Today, evidence has shown the importance of smell in the bonding process of newborn mothers and babies.

Photo source: Hypnobirthing Centre WA

Photo source: Hypnobirthing Centre WA

One thing that has come to light recently is this whole new procedure of putting hats on newborn babies.  It was thought that it was better to hat babies so they didn’t lose heat through their head, but now it is evident that mothers keep their babies warm and regulate their temperature through that skin-on-skin contact and by not having a hat on baby this allows mums to smell their babies from head to toe taking in their babies pheromones more easily. 

As babies are feeding from the breast it is natural for the mum to lean down and smell the top of her baby’s head, but with a hat on, this is then a wasted opportunity for bonding even deeper.

Photo source: Hypnobirthing Centre WA

Photo source: Hypnobirthing Centre WA

Back in the “olden days” they didn’t put hats on newborn babies. The baby was born then given immediately to mothers to be held and kept warm and fed. There was that belief that women trusted their body and their own ability to birth then nurture their baby – it all came down to mothers instincts.

This is bonding.

The mother takes in the smell and feel of their baby.

Baby also gets wired to the smell and touch and sounds of the mother.

This bonding also begins before baby is even born.

During pregnancy a baby will become connected to the mother not only in a physical sense though the umbilical cord to the placenta attached to the uterine wall of the mother, but also connected energetically and spiritually.  The baby comes to identify the sounds of mother and father and in fact when they are born they are more inclined to move towards the sound of their mother or fathers voice even when in a room full of people.

It is important to be aware that whatever the mother feels that energy is then transferred through to her baby.

If she is stressed and upset she is releasing stress hormones that cross the placenta through to her baby and likewise if mum is experiencing great joy and pleasure that produces endorphins (the feel good healing hormones of the body) which also cross to her baby.

In Dr Sarah Buckley’s book “Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering” she writes:

“The experiences that will begin to fire and wire your baby’s brain start in your womb, with the physical sensations that provide the earliest learning. These include being physically supported by the womb and amniotic fluid, being kept warm by your body warmth, being gently rocked as you walk, being exposed to different tastes from your diet via the amniotic fluid, hearing your voice and voices of other family members, and feeling calm and settled when you are calm and settled. Conversely, high levels of stress during pregnancy can fire and wire your baby’s brain for dysfunctions in learning and over-reactivity to stress.” 

Dr. Sarah Buckley

Dr. Sarah Buckley

 A mother and her partner creates this amazing bond with baby in utero by so many every day activities such as humming, singing, reading, relaxing while rubbing belly, talking to baby and visualising what your baby looks like, or playing with baby when they kick by poking them back gently – you will soon discover this becomes “play time” between you and your baby.

A wonderful way to share your pregnancy with your baby as they are growing up is to take photos and videos during your pregnancy, during your play time and at certain milestones of your pregnancy and creating a “Bonding With Baby Book” where you can sit and share these images with your child as they get older.  This is a fantastic way to bond with children or in particular soothe them when they are sad or upset, as it becomes “your time” for reflection and quality time together. 

Photo source: Hypnobirthing Centre WA

Photo source: Hypnobirthing Centre WA

So let’s look at how all this bonding and connection takes place.

The journal “Neurolmage” suggests that we are instinctively wired for bonding with our babies and the sight and smell of newborns triggers a deep seated response to care for that child.

It is interesting to note that scientists have also found that when a woman gives birth, the father actually grows more neuron connections in certain areas of the brain (prefrontal cortex) which is involved in caretaking and bonding.  When they become fathers the receptors for the chemical vasopressin increase, which is related to nurturing and attachment. 

Dads can have just as strong attachment / bonding as mother as a recent study showed oxytocin levels rise equally in both new mum and dad.

It also appears that babies are born with a brain that expects this bond to form in the first place.

Photo source: Hypnobirthing Centre WA

Photo source: Hypnobirthing Centre WA

 Another study funded by the National Institute of Health and conducted by the Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation claims that “Infants can learn from their mothers about potential environment threats before their sensory and motor development allows them a comprehensive exploration of the surrounding environment.”  What this means is that the experiences or traumas that a mother has during pregnancy can be passed on to her baby including any stimulus such as smell, which then causes that child to experience distress and anxiety or in some cases post-traumatic stress syndrome, when they smell that smell after birth, without having ever experienced that trauma directly themselves.

Photo source: Hypnobirthing Centre WA

Photo source: Hypnobirthing Centre WA

That close physical contact at birth with skin on skin starts the powerful process of bonding between mother and baby. The baby also receives smells from the mums’ nipples, which attracts baby to that area, to instinctively start breastfeeding – creating the beautiful display of the “breast crawl.”

Take a look at this video created by demonstrating the breast crawl of newborn baby to mother’s breast.

Babies will recognise the milk from their own mother over the milk from another lactating mother. Skin-on-skin contact helps to imprint all the olfactory stimulus of the mother to the baby and vice versa, providing that security of being able to identify each other when they separated – this is the “imprinting” process which is part of our evolution.

Photo source: Hypnobirthing Centre WA

Photo source: Hypnobirthing Centre WA

In one experiment, researchers tested newborns by holding a pad carrying maternal odours 17cm from the baby’s nose. In response, the babies wriggled towards the pad that contains the scent of their own mother.

A recent study also showed that 90% of mothers who were left to bond with their baby uninterrupted for a minimum of one hour were able to identify their baby through smell alone.

My suggestion is rather than baby being brought straight up to mums chest at birth for skin-on-skin contact, baby is placed on mums stomach, so that mum has the opportunity to have time to take in the look, the feel and the smell of her baby.  Baby also gets the opportunity to connect with mum on the outside and will start to smell the breast milk and by using the breast crawl technique will instinctively forage their way to the breast and start suckling, increasing the release of oxytocin for the placenta to be birthed and the mother to embrace her new role as a newborn mother.

Photo source: Hypnobirthing Centre WA

Photo source: Hypnobirthing Centre WA

So now go and pick up your baby, hold your baby close, skin-to-skin and breathe in slowly to take your fill of pheromones and enjoy that beautiful connection for life.

My name is Vicki Hobbs and I am a pregnancy and postnatal massage specialist at Phoenix Therapies Pregnancy Wellness. I am also a certified doula and offer hypnobirthing and childbirth education classes. For more details about my services, please call me on (08) 9303 9111 or email

Thank you to all my beautiful hypnobirthing families who have shared their amazing photos for this article.



What got me through an affair, marriage breakdown, divorce, death and more? These techniques are so simple you won’t believe it….

Sometimes our lives can be so full on that everything seems stressful, when just a few simple techniques can provide a very effective way of releasing stress and learning the art of relaxation.

Everything from work, family life, children, partners, day to day hassles, finances, life events and noise can produce stressors that cause many changes inside our minds and bodies and everyone handles stress and anxiety in different ways.


What some feel as mild stress in others can seem extreme – we are all different, we are all individuals with our own set of thought patterns, beliefs and responses.

What gives us the motivation to change our current situation?

My professional career started out relatively calm, and then I moved into executive roles where I had a lot of responsibility, deadlines, long hours and the crème de la crème….working with difficult and demanding people. Then I went on to work for “not for profit” where I was working with an organisation that was striving hard to raise money so seriously ill and dying children and their families could have a wish to brighten their lives a little.

Then throw in a couple of deaths, traumatic pregnancy, several miscarriages motherhood, my husband having an affair resulting in marriage breakdown and divorce and the heavy burden of loss, grief and soon my stress was undeniable.  

Why was I dealt this shitty hand?

What had I done to deserve so much pain, anguish and stress?

My life seemed to be spiralling out of control like one of those twirly wind chimes, spinning faster and faster as it gained momentum.

spiral windchime

I forgot about the art of relaxation. 

Is there such a beautiful piece of artwork?

A tapestry of woven magic that consoles and heals.

A paintbrush that can gloss over our stress with long soothing strokes.

Or gentle hands that mould the hard clay into a soft, smooth workable sculpture.

My love of the mind and body connection then set me on a pathway of healing to find my art of relaxation. 

I always had an interest in essential oils as my nanna taught me from a very young age a lot about different plants and their healing properties.

I then trained in massage, aromatherapy, hypnosis, meditation, stress management, life coaching and I suddenly realised that I had had to experience all those difficult times and different levels of stress to know what to do with it and how to help other people.  I was also give the opportunity to train as a “Heal Your Life” workshop facilitator based on the philosophies of Louise Hay and that was one of the most positive life changing events I was blessed to participate in.

Over the last 20 years my life has taken many twists and turns – too many to share in this article.  Recently though I had the doors of my beautiful wellness clinic closed as I couldn’t pay the rent – the last 12 months have been incredibly stressful having to deal with shopping centre politics, the exorbitant increase in rents and outgoings, staff and contractors and the everyday stresses of running a business and the “noise” – however if I didn’t use some of the techniques that I have learned along the way that I teach to others, I probably would be far worse off mentally, physically and emotionally than I am right now.

However, like always I do see a light at the end of the tunnel (or rather a neon flashing beacon) and as one door closes another one then opens and with it is the dawning and realisation that I actually got what I wanted.  The mist of the clouds were swept away from my head and now I am making new choices and stressing less.

It makes me think back to a unique piece of artwork that I picked up while travelling through Europe by Salvador Dali called “Dali’s Hand Drawing Back The Golden Fleece In The Form of a Cloud To Show Gala the Naked Dawn Far Away Behind The Sun.” (1977)

Salvador Dali

Now I have released and let go all anger, guilt and stress surrounding the closure of my beautiful clinic, and I realise I wanted those doors to close so that I could go back to basics and do the things that I loved doing before I opened those doors.  I want to spend more time and energy with the women who come to me and I want to feel that connection once again.

I wanted to find my “paintbrush” once again.

I wanted to just BE with the person I am working with in a healing capacity.

AND, I really do miss just BEING with the person I am working with – sharing their energy, their light source, their connection – and I realise that somehow my little clinic had drained that away from me.

The Universe blocked all attempts I made to keep those doors open.

My motivation for keeping the doors open was more about not wanting to hurt others, but in the meantime it was hurting me.

Live Your Dreams created by Sofan Chan

Live Your Dreams created by Sofan Chan

I am now practising what I preach…I am walking the walk that I talk.

I am being authentic.

My energy and motivation has increased.

I feel lighter yet stronger.

My mind is active again in a positive way.

I am meditating more and blaming less.

I am releasing and letting go.

I am honouring forgiveness.

I am visualising more and using positive affirmations again.

I am managing my time in a more efficient way.

I am saying no to things that do not serve me well.

Sacred Moment, Sofan Chan

Sacred Moment
Sofan Chan

I am connecting with those that I am working with in my little treatment room at home, where I feel safe, comfortable and free.

And the chatter in my mind is quiet.

That quiet is the releasing of my stress.

The “noise” is gone.

I acknowledge the stress and I am setting it free.

I have found my paintbrush, my tapestry, my clay.

Carpe Diem is my endless canvas.

My relaxation and stress releasing techniques have helped me once again to “seize the day.”

Life loves me as I am worth loving!

Whatever is going on in your mind, is affecting your body.

Do you want to find your paintbrush, your tapestry or your slab of clay?

Join me at my Carpe Diem Nurturing Workshop.

Together, we will find your Art of Relaxation and enjoy a day of soul-nourishing enrichment that will stay with you for a lifetime.


For more information click on the link:-

If you would like more specific information or you have questions about this workshop or anything else you can email me directly

Carpe Diem….


Vicki Hobbs
Phoenix Therapies Transformational Workshops
Phone: (08) 9303 9111

Headaches – could it be from tension in the jaw?

Everyone carries tension differently.

When some people are stressed or anxious they will become tense in their shoulders and upper back, while others may feel tension in their neck.  However, if you hold your tension in your jaw or grind your teeth, this could be leading to more than just a sore mouth.

tmj muscles

Having pain or tension in the jaw is often referred to as a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder or syndrome.

The temporomandibular joint connects the mandible to the skull’s temporal bone and contributes to the acts of biting, chewing, swallowing, speaking and making facial expressions.

When you have tension in the jaw this can then radiate tension to the muscles in the head, neck and shoulders.

This can cause muscle tension headaches and contribute to migraines by restricting blood flow.  That’s why relaxing your jaw and neck muscles is crucial to eliminating headache pain.

Our massage therapists can feel straight away if there is tension in the jaw which may be causing headaches, and one of the first things we ask the client is “do you grind or clench your teeth?” Some people are aware that they clench or grind their teeth, but others have no idea they are doing it particularly those who grind their teeth when they are asleep. Some people clench their teeth when they are angry or stressed so it’s a good idea to monitor this next time you are feeling these emotions.

Pain is the most common symptom of TMJ.

The pain is often described as a transient, dull ache in the jaw joint and nearby areas, including the ear. Instead of pain, some sufferers only have problems in the use of their jaw.

Additional symptoms of TMJ can include:

  • Inability to open the mouth comfortably
  • Clicking, popping or grating sounds in the jaw joint
  • Locking of the jaw when attempting to open the mouth
  • A bite that feels uncomfortable or “off”
  • Neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Swelling on the side of the face
  • Tinnitus or ear pain
  • Dizziness

Massage therapy works very well to help reduce and eliminate the tension and symptoms in your jaw, neck and shoulders.  During massage, we will work the acupressure points around the main areas of the jaws, ears and forehead which will feel a little tender, but you will notice a difference immediately.

We will use myofascial release techniques on the neck muscles and pectoralis major to correct any roundness of the shoulder posture and release pressure on the jaw followed by stretching.  Another technique is to “pick up” the sternocleidomastoid and to use slight twisting movements to release any trigger points and tension along with kneading, stripping and trigger point release through the neck muscles. All of these techniques will help to relieve pain, increase blood flow to the muscles and elevate endorphin levels to further reduce the client’s pain and stress. We will also spend time working through the scalp and releasing the hair follicles to ensure that all tension through this area is then not going to contribute to jaw tension.

At your next massage at Phoenix Therapies Wellness Centre, ask your therapist to release your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) to ensure that you are doing everything possible to ease and eliminate regular headaches and tension.


To arrange an appointment contact Phoenix Therapies on 9303 9111 or visit our website

Are You Stressed?

Studies show that stressful situations can develop into more serious health conditions.  For example: a sudden or unexpected stressor can activate your adrenal glands, which sends adrenaline and other hormones into your bloodstream.  This brings about an increase in your breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood flow to the muscles.  

This physical response was appropriate generations ago when it was needed for our very survival, but today much of our stress is emotional.  With the high number of mental stress incidents that we can experience each day, these repetitive physical responses can begin to wear out all of the body’s intricate systems. 

When your stress is chronic, your body releases cortisol; a hormone designed to help the body handle a period of prolonged physical stress.  This hormone is hard for the body to metabolise and consequently can lead to an immune system that becomes heavily suppressed, a damaged cardiovascular system, and a worn out endocrine system (the system responsible for handling stressful conditions).  


Here are some common stress symptoms: 

  • Frequent headaches, jaw clenching or teeth grinding;
  • Neck ache, back pain, or muscle spasms;
  • Frequent colds and infections;
  • Difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness and confusion;
  • Excess anxiety, worry, guilt or nervousness;
  • Depression or frequent mood swings;
  • Insomnia or nightmares
  • Lack of concentration and forgetfulness.
  • Significant weight loss or gain without diet change;
  • Nervous habits such as fidgeting;
  • Constant tiredness, weakness or fatigue 

Regular massage is the ideal remedy for a stressful life.  With massage your blood and lymph circulation is increased, which helps all parts of your body to receive essential nutrients, dispose of waste products, and defend against disease. 


Stress may take its greatest toll on the nervous system.  Massage can address the imbalances that stress causes in your body by stimulating the sensory receptors that interconnect and harmonise all areas of your body, bringing it back into proper balance.  This brings about that sense of wellbeing you experience that goes far beyond the release of tense muscles.  

Studies have shown that stress hormones consistently fall after massage, and night-time sleep patterns also improved.  By having a regular massage (even once a month will make a difference) – you are giving your body, mind & spirit the chance to de-stress before it will give you distress.


 Surveys have been conducted by a number of Australian organisations, with the following findings: 

  • Workplace stress costs Australian companies up to 1.2 billion dollars a year;
  • 50% of workers reported an increase in workplace stress from the previous year;
  • Workplace stress-related claims are increasing by 20% each year;
  • 26% of employees admitted they have taken a day or more off due to stress, most using regular sick leave;
  • 20% of teachers in one survey reported a medically diagnosed stress disorder;
  • Major reasons for work stress cited by employees are:
    • Management issues, including lack of communication;
    • Increased workload and longer hours;
    • Job insecurity and lack of career opportunities;
    • Organisational change and restructuring, and
    • Inadequate staff and resources. 

work stress


When the musculoskeletal system is “stressed” a biochemical stress response sequence is initiated.  The sequence includes the following events:

  • A stressor causes an increase in muscle tone.
  • Increased tone for extended periods leads to retention of metabolic wastes.
  • Increased tone simultaneously leads to a degree of localised oxygen deficit, resulting in ischemia (restriction in blood supply).
  • Increased tone may also lead to oedema (swelling / fluid retention).
  • These factors (retention of waste, ischemia and oedema) lead to discomfort and pain.
  • Discomfort and pain results in increased or maintained hyper-tonicity (increased tension of the muscles).
  • Inflammation or chronic irritation results.
  • Poor functional patterns develop leading to chronic musculoskeletal problems and pain.


Tools that you can adopt to promote health and wellness, and manage stress levels include:

phoenix-51 - Copy

One of my favourite tips I love and share with our clients who are tense and stressed is every night before you go to bed “pull your hair”… I am serious, just grab clumps of your hair close to the roots and gently pull – don’t yank so that it is painful – and then grab another clump of hair and gently pull. What this does is releases the tension in the hair follicle and therefore releases the tension in the scalp. You will notice the difference instantly and it will help you to sleep better as well.  

Go on try it right now!!

It is such a simple yet effective way of releasing head tension and ease headaches as well.


As a massage therapist we have lots of different techniques and helpful tips to support you in your “stress less” journey to better health and harmony in your life.


At our centre located in Darch (northern suburbs of Perth) we have 5 highly trained remedial massage therapists who all offer different styles and techniques of massage.  We also have a chiropractor who works from our premises so you can be assured of a variety of different options to help ease your pain and reduce / eliminate your stress related dysfunctions.

After hours appointments including Saturdays are available.

Contact Phoenix Therapies Wellness Centre today to book in for a massage or any one of our stress management therapies with Vicki Hobbs.






Massage Therapists – what makes an exceptional one?

Written by Vicki Hobbs, 
Owner / Operator of Phoenix Therapies Wellness & Pregnancy Centre 

I believe that I am an exceptional massage therapist!

The difference between me and a good massage therapist is hands on experience, ongoing training and the understanding that you will never know everything and that is why it is important to constantly seek out more knowledge, more experience and more understanding.

From the moment I meet my client, I watch the way they stand, sit and walk. I look at their posture and the way they hold their neck and shoulders. I look at how their feet are positioned as they walk and when they are lying on the table. Before I have even spoken to them I already have an idea of the muscles that need work based on my observations. I look at what they have written on their client history form, checking what they do for a job, any past or present conditions that might be affecting muscles, what type of exercise they do, how much water they drink and what are their stress triggers and my mind is ticking over all these important clues of how I can perform my clients treatment. When my client is in the treatment room I ask questions and I listen to the answers, all the while formulating my treatment strategy. Once they are on the table I look at their alignment and the tell tale signs of tense muscles.

For me the best massage a person can give you is one in silence. A therapist who is constantly talking is not thinking about the treatment they are giving you or the muscles that they are working on, no matter how good they are. Yes they may still give a good massage, but not an exceptional massage and you as the client deserve value for money – you deserve the best! phoenix-43 - Copy

During the treatment as I run my hands over my clients body initially in the warm up phase of the massage I just “feel”. Massage is all about touch and feeling for areas of dysfunction. I can instinctively pick the areas that are causing you problems immediately just through that initial touch.

During my remedial training, one of my awesome lecturers made us close our eyes and feel each muscle while we worked. To this day, I still close my eyes from time to time while working on a client and in my mind I visualise every muscle I am working on, visualise the attachment points, visualise the tension being worked out of each muscle and the muscles lengthening, I visualise the stress, anxiety and discomfort being released from my clients body, and as I work I notice the calm and peacefulness coming over them.

I take my job very seriously. I am passionate about massage and how much it will benefit a person not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Massage is not about a quick rub down of the body. Massage is about incorporating many different techniques such as trigger point release, deep tissue, relaxation and positional release of muscles.

My centre is not a day spa where most therapists are trained to certificate level in swedish massage, which is for relaxation and they definitely do create a beautiful experience for someone who needs pampering. When you come for a remedial massage at Phoenix Therapies, it is our job to work on your problem areas, however I guarantee you will leave feeling relaxed and calm as well, rejuvenated and re-energised because we make it our mission to work on all levels of the mind, the body and the emotions.

Testimonial by Alison of Edgewater
I have been attending Phoenix Therapies on a regular basis for over 2 years now. Initially I visited Vicki for relaxation massages. When I moved back to Perth I sought Vicki out when I hurt my back. The time she took to assess my personal situation and then create a remedial plan ensured that my injury healed completely. I now see Sarah every month for continued massage therapy. These regular visits are a part of my personal management plan to ensure my physical and mental well-being are looked after. I have always found Vicki and her team to be very caring. Vicki as a business leader is keen to take on any feedback – positive or negative. She has the courage to act on this feedback and then make the changes necessary to improve her business. I know when she was looking to expand she spent a lot of time finding the right personnel for Phoenix Therapies. People who would not only be able to do the job but also to fit in with the ethos and principles of the business. Vicki’s holistic approach to massage is the key to her success. I have no issues recommending Phoenix Therapies to friends and colleagues.



The same goes with pregnancy massage. Massage therapy during pregnancy is a necessity, not just a luxury to assist in reducing stress, anxiety and to promote relaxation, but not only that it helps to prepare muscles and joints for childbirth along with so many other benefits. As a mother of two (born 15 years apart), I have experienced two very different pregnancies and my second pregnancy was made all the more rewarding and manageable by having regular pregnancy massage incorporating remedial techniques.

Again, when I work on a pregnant woman I visualise and “feel” all the problem areas that need attention and I utilise all the right techniques to ensure that when that pregnant mum leaves my centre she not only feels those sore spots have been managed or eliminated, she also feels the calming sensatons and relaxation of the mind and body.

My training in pregnancy massage and maternity care has been extensive and I just can’t get enough in terms of soaking up like a sponge new information, therapies and remedies to ease pregnancy related discomfort. I am a certified Doula / Birthing Assistant and Childbirth Educator and I love sharing my knowledge with pregnant mums and giving them support and natural alternatives to the medical model of pregnancy care.

Working with pregnant women gives me the opportunity to share ways that you can ease your discomfort at home with really simple stretches, positioning and handy tools. I can provide you with information that will be of benefit to you during your pregnancy, labour and birth. If I don’t know something then I will definitely find out for you as I belong to a wonderful network of like-minded Doula’s, Midwives and Natural Therapists. I want you to feel empowered as a woman and about your birthing choices.

I feel so honoured when a first time mum who has visited our centre and felt their care with us was so exceptional that they return after baby is born for postnatal massages and then for subsequent pregnancies. Our pregnancy massage club is rapidly growing with all the beautiful little cherubs we helped to bring calm and peace while they were still growing inside. It’s fantastic when the husbands or partners visit as they too benefit from deep tissue remedial massage incorporating relaxation techniques, as let’s face it, our men can get pretty stressed out from time to time and they feel that with tense muscles, headaches, lower back pain and shoulder and neck pain too.

Testimonial by Mel of Hamersley
I was given a gift of some money to have a massage to pamper myself during my pregnancy, and my Obstetrician’s team suggested trying Phoenix Therapies and I am just so happy that I decided to try it. I had been experiencing a lot of back pain and the general discomfort of pregnancy, and was not expecting more than a few moments of relief. But not only did I completely relax during my session, I had the most blissful nights sleep that night and following nights! Staff took the time to find out about my specific needs, made me so comfortable both physically and emotionally, and even took the time to show me some ongoing exercises that I could do at home to keep my back pain at bay. I really appreciated the holistic way you cared for me and created a really special memory for me during my pregnancy, as well as providing much needed practical physical relief.


All our therapists who work at Phoenix Therapies have all been chosen for their excellent training opportunities and their beliefs about massage, the body and the mind and for their ability to perform an exceptional massage. Keep in mind that what works for one person may not necessarily work for the next and that is why we suggest alternative treatments to clients so they can find what works best for them.

Similarly, you may not like the technique of one therapist so try one of the others to find who suits you best because at the end of the day I want you to leave my premises feeling you got value for money and an exceptional massage experience so that you keep coming back and recommending our services to your friends, family members and colleagues.


After a recommendation from a friend, I started attending Phoenix Therapies Wellness Centre, and have maintained a monthly visit for a therapeutic massage for over 3½ years, and more recently the services of the on-site Chiropractor. I personally, have found the difference between this centre compared to other massage places vastly different, not only due to the professional attitude of the staff, but also their friendliness, knowledge of their work and the general ambience of the Centre. The atmosphere of the Centre is one of absolute peace and calmness, which to me, is what the whole experience of massage and the related services are all about. I plan to experience some of the other services on offer in the near future, and have no doubt at all to recommend others to the Centre for their own personal experience, whether it may be therapeutic or just ‘feel good’.
Sue of Marangaroo


Having been a happy client of Phoenix Therapies for the past 4 years, I am more than willing to state that the level of service and professionalism with which I am treated on every occasion that I visit is absolutely second to none. I was impressed from my very
first contact with Vicki and her team of attentive therapists. Having enjoyed the specialised Pregnancy Massage service whilst expecting my first child, I was eager to return for the same indulgent and remedial magic again, now that my second baby is on the way. I find the conscientious attention to detail, during the in-depth pre-treatment interviews very reassuring, and know that my unborn baby and I are in the best of hands. Vicki also regularly sends out relevant and interesting email newsletters about new services available at the practice and also about unique upcoming workshops and courses. These newsletters are never intrusive or trying to sell me something, but more educational and structured to compliment my course of treatment in a holistic way. The staff at Phoenix Therapies are very friendly and courteous, always welcoming me with big smiles as I walk in the door. I also appreciate the reminder text I am sent automatically the day before my appointment, and their ability to keep me on short notice waiting lists for opening appointment times. I certainly feel like one of their valued clientele, and am always telling my family and friends about my great experiences with Phoenix Therapies. Especially anyone who is pregnant, as it is very difficult to find qualified, experienced and trustworthy therapists in this field in the northern suburbs of Perth. I wish Vicki and her team every success with their growing and evolving business, and I consider myself lucky to have access to their invaluable services.
Megan of Wanneroo


The residents of Darch and surrounding suburbs are lucky to have such a fantastic business like Phoenix Therapies at their local neighbourhood shopping centre. Vicki and her team of happy staff have grown a great business which seems to be adding
to its products and services to experience each time I hear from them via email/Facebook or visiting the centre. From the moment you enter the centre you feel relaxed and calm and while waiting for your therapy to commence there is a wonderful range of products in reception to view and purchase to take home a little piece of the experience. I usually visit the centre for remedial massage and have been lucky enough to meet both Sarah and Kieko who usually look after me with happy and friendly service while delivering an exceptional remedial massage. I can’t speak highly enough of Phoenix Therapies and their wonderful staff.
John of Darch