Induction & Labour Focus Points

Natural methods of induction are a great way to try and stimulate labour or to ripen the cervix, especially if this means beating a medical induction or caesarean (should you not go into spontaneous labour beforehand).

It is also important to remember that you’re not designed to be pregnant forever, so you can trust your body to do what it is meant to do, when your baby says he or she is good to go.  Telling a healthy baby to get out before they are ready can result in all sorts of complications and interventions, when right now they are safe, happy and warm inside of you.

One of those natural induction methods is to have an Induction Massage, which can be given on or after your due date.

Our therapists are experienced in induction massage and work on acupressure points.  As with normal massage, induction massage helps to relax and calm your body, easing tension and helping to create a clear and grounded space.

Induction Massage is a relaxation massage combined with special essential oils and acupressure applied to specific points of the body related to the preparation of the body for labour.

A good relaxation induction massage can help elevate your natural levels of Oxytocin (the hormone your body naturally produces when relaxed and happy, in love, making love, when you are ready to birth your baby and is the hormone responsible for the intense bonding of mother and baby immediately following birth).

When having an induction massage you need to allow an hour and a half so that we can also demonstrate to you the specific acupressure points so that you and your partner can continue to stimulate these points at home.

These acupressure points can also be used during labour if things start to slow down.