Pregnancy Pamper Body CreamVicki Hobbs of Phoenix Therapies Pregnancy Centre is a qualified remedial massage therapist with a Diploma in Pregnancy, Labour and Postnatal Massage.

Vicki has expert knowledge and training of the anatomy and physiology during pregnancy, stretching during pregnancy, labour techniques and massage instruction for your partner.

All our therapists who perform pregnancy massage have a Diploma in Remedial Massage and have all undertaken advanced training in pregnancy massage, so you can be at ease while having a massage knowing that we all know what we are doing!

You can have massage during any time of your pregnancy – in the first few weeks and up to and including the day you are due (unless of course your doctor has advised against massage for any medical reasons that might be contraindicated with massage therapy).

At Phoenix Therapies Pregnancy Centre we offer the following massage techniques during pregnancy and beyond:

Pregnancy massage by Phoenix Therapies


Induction & Labour Focus Points




Massage & Therapy Etiquette

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