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It is known that your baby can hear sounds from roughly sixteen weeks in utero.  Your baby listens to your voice, your heartbeat, your breathing and your digestive system.  It makes sense that listening to music and calming sounds during pregnancy can be incredibly beneficial as it soothes the whole body, promotes better sleeping patterns, reduces stress and gives you more energy.  All of these benefits are then passed onto your baby.

“Open throat, Open Cervix” is the way to go as we know from Ina May Gaskin’s work.

Did you know that the larynx and the cervix are the only two organs in the body that are made up of exactly the same tissue!  No wonder there is such a strong correlation.

In other words, the more the labouring woman makes sounds that are open and relaxed, the more open and relaxed her larynx is, then the more open and relaxed her cervix will be too.  This is an open and closed larynx – what does it remind you of?

Open and closed normal larynx

Image reproduced with permission from
Dr C. Richard Stasney of
Texas Voice Centre

As a Soundbirth Doula I incorporate the playing of the crystal singing bowl and “toning” during your labour.

‘Toning’ is about making noise.  So this could be any sounds that you make using your voice from humming gently to singing to speaking to screaming and swearing your head off.  However, the problem is that some sounds we vocalise such as high pitched yelling and screaming WILL NOT support you during labour.  These sounds will make you more stressed and tense ….. at both ends!

What we teach you in Soundbirth is low, deep primal noises that help to relax and release the cervix and any stress you may be holding onto.

Learning how to use your voice in a conscious and relaxed way by ‘toning’ WILL support you to stay calm and to relax your throat and therefore your cervix.

When you have a crystal singing bowl at your birth this can help you get to the tone that feels right for you and prevents you from toning too high, which is an indicator to those observing that you are becoming anxious or stressed.

Soundbirth founder and trainer Nicole Lloyd says:

From the research I have done and from my own personal experience, making primal sounds during contractions whether that is moaning, groaning, toning or a a combination of the lot, will assist with pain relief, relaxing and opening the cervix and keep the labouring woman in ‘the zone’ to name just a few benefits.”

Sound therapy


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