Birth Doula in Perth

I trained as a Doula / Birthing Assistant in 2010 with well-known author and doula Gaby Targett from “A Labour of Love” who has over 25 years experience as a doula and birthing expert here in Perth.

I feel it is really important for birthing women to have someone there to protect their sacred birthing space and provide ongoing nurturing, support and a female understanding and connection in birth. 

This in no way is meant to replace the role of the father or birth partner – it is to provide assistance to both of them.

Many cultures ensure that a birthing woman is surrounded by women (doulas) who are experienced in childbirth for protection, comfort and confidence.  Sometimes just having another woman there to connect with can be incredibly nurturing and increase the confidence of the birthing mother.

My doula services are only available to those who complete my Hypnobirthing classes to prepare them for a positive, calm birth which also helps couples when dealing with special circumstances that may arise.

My role as your Doula / Birthing Assistant will be to provide:

  • Birthing education to empower you to make confident birth choices;
  • One on one hypnosis if required for fear releasing and relaxation;
  • Relaxation / Fear Release self-hypnosis MP3 download;
  • Continuity of support and care;
  • Advice on stretching and exercise;
  • Suggest different labour and birthing positions including downloadable eBook with diagrams;
  • Introduce natural pain relief methods;
  • Reassurance and encouragement with positive affirmations;
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques;
  • Working through emotional blocks as they present;
  • Maintain the special “birthing environment”;
  • Massage and Acupressure points;
  • Education on using essential oils for pregnancy, labour and birth including comprehensive downloadable eBook;
  • Support for the birth partner so they can take a break without feeling guilty or anxious;
  • Help you to prepare a simple but effective birth plan;
  • Photo’s when appropriate;
  • An extensive book, CD & DVD library resource;
  • Unlimited email and phone support.


“We chose Vicki to be our doula primarily for her warm, caring and generous personality and also because she is a hypnobirthing practitioner. From our first meeting, we could tell she was knowledgable, organised and we simply liked her! Throughout our pregnancy, Vicki was always there to have a chat, answer any queries we had, and of course gave us immense knowledge through her hypnobirthing classes. She gave us the utmost confidence leading up to the birth of our first child, which manifested in a labour and birth exactly as we had envisioned. On Christmas eve I went into labour and Vicki was an immense support, at first, over the phone to help calm me through my surges. She then met us at the Familly Birth Centre and I was so incredibly happy (and relieved) to see her ready to greet us at the front door. We had a very calm and natural birth of baby Ella on Christmas morning and are so grateful to Vicki for her amazingly positive impact in our lives. We cannot recommend hypnobirthing and Vicki’s doula services highly enough.”
Kerry & Simon, Perth Western Australia

Ella1 - Kerry & Simon

If you would like to receive more information or to arrange a meeting with me to discuss doula services, please contact me on (08) 9303 9111 or by email