Mother Blessing

A Mother Blessing Ceremony (traditionally known as a Blessingway by the Navajo Native Americans) is all about nurturing the mother-to-be and celebrating her journey into motherhood as opposed to having a “baby shower” which is focusing more on the baby.

table of ceremony

A Mother Blessing is a fun, loving and interactive morning or afternoon shared with those closest to the pregnant woman.  All those present help create a sacred and memorable time for the mother-to-be who deserves pampering, nurturing and love at this special time in her life.

This ceremony is also about helping her prepare herself for the birth: emotionally, spiritually and mentally regardless of whether it is her first pregnancy or a subsequent pregnancy.

foot spa

A Mother Blessing is a beautiful and unique way to honour the mother as the beautiful pregnant Goddess that she is with so many wonderful activities such as:

  • Hand, foot and head massages;
  • Facials;
  • Hair Braiding;
  • Manicure;
  • Pedicure;
  • Candle lighting;
  • Belly painting;
  • Birth Mandalas;
  • Guided Meditation and Visualisation;
  • Bead Ceremony – each participant brings a bead to create a birthing necklace or bracelet for the mother to wear during birth to remind her of all the love and support that she has around her;
  • Cord Ceremony – binding each person’s wrist or ankle with a single cord of red wool or string. Everyone then keeps the string around their wrists until they hear that the birth is happening – then they all cut the cord as a symbol of unity.  Plus the cord is a nice way to remind others to be thinking of the mother.
  • Sharing positive birth stories;
  • Discussing and releasing any fears she may have;
  • Encouraging and supporting her birth choices;
  • Organising a meal roster – this is about getting everyone who comes to commit to making one or two dinners on a particular day for the family.  The idea is to try to cover two weeks at least where the new parents won’t have to worry about at least one meal of the day!




If you would like to have a Mother Blessing or would like to host a Mother Blessing for someone else, please contact Vicki Hobbs from Phoenix Therapies on (08) 9303 9111 or email for more information.